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      日期:2020/6/23 10:15:53 閱讀:269


      單效外循環真空濃縮器,由加熱器、蒸發器、 除沫器、冷凝器、冷卻器、受液罐等組成,凡與物料接觸部件均采用不銹鋼制作,本裝置適用于制藥、食品、化工、輕工等行業液體物料的蒸發濃縮。本設備濃縮時間短,蒸發速度快,能較好地保持熱敏性物料不致破壞。

      The single effect external circulation vacuum concentrator iscomposed of heater, evaporator, defoamer, condenser, cooler andliquid receiving tank. The parts that contact materials are all made lof stainless steel.The equipment is applicable to evaporation andconcentration of liquid  materials in pharmacy, food, chemicalindustry and light industry etc.

      industries. The concentrating time isshort and the evaporating speed is  high, which can better protectthe heat sensitive materials from being  damaged.