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      溫州市大全輕工機械有限公司健全的組織機構, 完善的質量保證體系和高素質員工隊伍,其前身為溫州華盛食品設備有限公司,2002年改名為大全輕工機械有限公司,有20年以上連續歷史,有相當豐富的管理及制作經驗,現有單機客戶愈上千家,完成食品飲料、制藥、 化工、食品添加劑工程項目等,大全企業在2012年自創辦了華成封頭制造有限公司,不銹鋼設沖壓成型做配套。

      經營理念 : 銳意進取,創造完美。

      大全公司創立之初即秉承: 銳意進取,創造完美,用領先技術服務于客戶。
      進取是一種態度,完美是一種境界;進取是一種精神, 完美是一種輝煌;
      服務理念 : 全心、全力、全時。

      Wenzhou Daquan L ight Industry  MachineryCo., Ltd. isa perfect organization,a perfect quality assurance systemand ahigh
      quality staff team. Its predecessor is WenzhouHuasheng Food Equipment Co.Ltd., which was renamedas a Daquanl ight
      Industry MachineryCo.,l td.in 2002. Ithas more than 20 years of continuoushistory andhas afairly rich experience in
      mmar1agerent and productior. 

      Thereare thousands of clients to comp ete the project of food andbeverage, pharmaceutical,chemical, food additivesanc soon.In2C12, thc cntcrprisc sct up thc Huachcng hcadmanufacturingCo.,Ltd and the stainless steelis setup totorm a complete set.

      Business philosophy: forge ahead. 

      createperfection.At the very beginning of its establishment,Daquan wascommitted to forging ahead and creating perfection andserving customers withleading technology.

      Enterprising is an attitude, and perfectionis arealm. Fnterprisingis A kindof spirit, and perfectionisa kindof brilliance .Perfection is
      the goal and the ideal sustenance. Service concept: wholehearted, full time, all -time .